Best-in-Class CMOs: Modern Marketing for Love and Money

CMOs are stuck in a tough spot—choosing between polishing their bright rocks and climbing a quarterly wall they have to hurdle. They must balance the needs and priorities of romancing customer love and creating beautiful campaigns with scaling a daunting revenue wall to satisfy the demands of their C-suite and company investors.

Many people call this a dilemma. Others call it a challenge. In any language, it’s not easy. But some CMOs are thriving under these conditions and we wanted to know why and how. So we called on some people with independent expertise in the field.

Aberdeen Group surveyed hundreds of businesses about this key issue. And of course they distilled all the information down to the common characteristics of what constitutes “best-in-class” performance. That’s what Aberdeen does and they do it very well. Regardless of the topic, their findings summarize not just opinions, but more importantly the key behaviors of these rare birds in the field.

So now it’s time to find out how top performing CMOs are able to achieve best-in-class status by using journey management, cross-channel marketing, and analytics as key ingredients of their activities.

Download The CMO Dilemma: Bridging the Gap Between Love and Money by Aberdeen Group and read it now. Or read the rest of this and do it later. We’ll remind you again when you finish. Either way, you’re going to learn a lot.

For those of you who need more details to click a download link—and you know who you are folks—let’s list some Love and Money main points along with “memorable quotes” without spoiling the ending too much. Think of it as a movie trailer in words.

Why Driving Customer Awareness, Loyalty, and Retention Is The Goal

“When a business loses customers, it needs to make up for the lost revenue by growing the wallet share of existing accounts and / or spending more on marketing campaigns.”

Managing Customer Journeys Boosts Performance

“Marketers orchestrating buyer journeys outpace competitors who don’t across several key metrics.”

Best-in-Class Marketers Know Their Customers Better

“(Best-in-Class) CMOs understand the importance of delighting customers … by their focus on incorporating customer feedback and behavioral data.”

Have we got your interest now? Want to see the whole movie? Before you answer, you need to always remember: It’s not about what you say. It’s about what you do.

So let’s look beyond the cool graphs, charts, and quotes to reveal the four key behaviors of best-in-class marketing organizations led by modern CMOs [spoiler alert]:

  • Connect the right data and make it actionable for individual customers.
  • Establish a single command center to orchestrate cross-channel experiences.
  • Arm your marketing team with the right tools for content excellence.
  • Lay the foundation for attributing ROI, revenue, and performance to marketing campaigns.

That’s what best-in-class CMOs have in common. That’s what they do. They have found a way to meet and exceed the expectations of empowered customers while adding shareholder value. #DilemmaSolved #ModernMarketing

Thanks for reading all the way to the end. Here’s your prize:

Download The CMO Dilemma: Bridging the Gap Between Love and Money.

And if you’re not a CMO, make sure you send it up the chain. It’s bound to ring their bells all the way to the top—while making you look smarter than the average bear at the same time.


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