What’s Holding CMOs Back When It Comes To Push Mobile Marketing

Push notifications are the official way for brands to reach users through an app since the operating system—such as Apple iOS or Google Android— doesn’t provide user email addresses or phone numbers. Their ability to provide information to aid in personalization makes push notifications one of the most important tools in the marketing toolbox.

All sounds great, right?

So why then are some CMOs reticent to implement a push mobile marketing strategy?

In our new guide, The CMO’s Guide To Mobile Marketing we identify several concerns that CMOs often have about investing in push— and solutions to overcoming those concerns:

Concern: Push costs too much to integrate into the workflow and back end.


Solution: Marketers should find a provider with an easy-to-implement SDK—which allows for rapid development—that uses technology to gather signals used for segmenting.


Concern: IT time and costs won’t deliver the desired return on investment.


Solution: Marketers are already focusing on delivering a cross-channel experience by integrating email, display, and SMS. Using multiple channels including push picks up incremental lift. Multi-channel customer interactions are 30 percent more strongly correlated with business outcomes such as customer satisfaction and desire to recommend, when compared to uncoordinated efforts, according to McKinsey & Company.


Concern: Users will be bombarded with messages.


Solution: Some marketers fear that if they implement push notifications, users will feel overwhelmed, leading them to delete the app or turn push notifications off. To combat this, send relevant, personalized notifications by segmenting. Another way to interact with customers without sending spam push messages is through an app inbox. Even if users say they don’t want to get notifications on the lock screen, brands can send offers and promotions to their inbox, bypassing the push alerts. This feature is helpful for reaching users that opt out of notifications and for providing offers that last longer than just one day.


To learn about the other two key aspects we identify: SMS & MMS and Data Management Platforms and how to overcome any concerns you as a CMO may have, download The CMO’s Guide To Mobile Marketing today.


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