The Holiday Retail Planning Worksheet and Why You Need It

Earlier this year Oracle Marketing Cloud released Turning 2014’s Holiday Trends into 2015 Revenue. The one-size-fits-all eBook makes the perfect gift for anyone in retail marketing. Of course you should not wait until Christmas to give it to them for they are busily planning for the 2015 holiday retail season now. At least they should be.

The eBook, is the second of a two part study conducted in partnership with Edison Research which reveals the differences between what consumers said they would do when it came to holiday shopping in 2014 vs. what they actually did.

Trust me, there are significant differences so do yourself a favor and download Turning 2014’s Holiday Trends into 2015 Revenue because we also include ideas on how to use what happened last year to help you reach holiday retail nirvana this year.

As an added bonus, we created a basic Holiday Retail Planning Worksheet to help you get started and get ideas flowing and help you think about the types of products you want to offer/feature in October, November, and December.

Ask yourself the following questions while completing the Holiday Retail Planning Worksheet:

  • Why does my customer need this?
  • How can I make the shopping process easier?
  • Why would my customer buy this for others?
  • How would this product improve someone’s life?
  • What do I need to have ready for mobile users?

Download Turning 2014’s Holiday Trends into 2015 Revenue for some specific help in answering these questions.


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