Why Marketing Technology and Advertising Technology Need to Sing the Same Tune

“That’s why combining data-driven advertising and marketing is a big deal. It’s also why ad technology and marketing technology departments shouldn’t be singing a different tune—but working closer together in harmony.”

This is from a piece out today on AdWeek entitled Why Now Is the Time for Advertising and Marketing Technologies to Converge. Written by Kevin Akeroyd, GM & SVP at Oracle Marketing Cloud, the article lays out some of the benefits of ad tech and mar tech love connection, as it were including the all-important unifying marketing and advertising data to deliver personalized content and ads across all digital channels.

But as Akeroyd points out, the most important long-term benefit is fixing the fragmented experience that consumers experience every day.

As to how to go about aligning ad tech and mar tech, Akeroyd lays out three methods.

  1. Connect Online and Offline Interactions to One Customer. Connect interactions to individual consumers across all devices and channels and achieve a higher level of personalization.
  2. Bridge Anonymous and Known Marketing. Connect all proprietary and third-party data to increase relevance and target more efficiently with a laser focus.
  3. Adapt with Behavior-Based Orchestration. Empower the consumer to dictate their own path rather than force them in the rigid paths of your personas.

Across All Digital Channels

The importance of delivering personalized content across all digital channels cannot be overstated. That’s why we created the Modern Marketing Essentials Guide to Cross-Channel Marketing. Download it today to start creating the most cohesive, valuable, and frictionless customer experience possible.


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