Doug Kessler Discusses The State of Content Marketing

Doug Kessler is the creative director and co-founder of Velocity, a B2B marketing agency based in London. Doug writes and speaks about content marketing and his agency creates some of the most creative, and high performing, content.

Doug recently stood in a hallway and talked to me about the state of content marketing, especially as it exists in big companies. They say that some of the best conversations at conferences happen in the hallways. And this is one of them.

Watch the video below to hear Doug’s thoughts on the following:

Content at Big Companies

As content becomes more ingrained in marketing processes at big companies, the role of the content team grows to become a Content Center of Excellence. They no longer create all the content, but they focus on sharing content best practices and evangelizing the use of content across the organization.

The Culture of Content

A cultural shift is required to succeed with content marketing and one of the biggest obstacles may be your boss. They came up through the ranks of traditional marketing success, so there’s a tendency to think that you just plug in the software and with the same people and same process it can be done. But you do have to think differently.

Measuring the Success of Content

And the most important part of measuring content marketing success, according to Doug, is to understand when you should get hit with the revenue stick.


To understand when you need to get hit with the revenue stick, download the Modern Marketing Essentials Guide to Content Marketing.


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