Hey CMOs: Technology Now as Important as Creativity

Before I get to the crux of my post, let me state for the record that I never thought in my wildest dreams that I would one day write such a post espousing that technology is now on par with creativity when it comes to importance for a given brand.


I say that because being a writer as long as I have – geez that makes me sound old, I always looked at creativity as being the cornerstone of any successful company or brand.


But as they say… that was then. And this is most assuredly now. And now we live in a world where technology has, well… pretty much changed everything, in particular in the fields of marketing and advertising.


Technologically Creative


I can see some of you with raised eyebrows thinking to yourself ‘But Steve, technology and creativity don’t go together. It’s what whole right side/left side brain thing.’


Well to that Sparky, I turn to Forbes, where contributor Greg Satell wrote a great post – in 2014 mind you, that speaks directly to this kind of concern.


“Technology does not quell creativity, in fact, there’s a great deal of evidence that suggests that technology enhances creativity,” said Satell. “Certainly, we are expected to be more creative in our working lives than a generation ago. The truth is that by expanding possibilities and automating part of the creative process, we can all be more creative and productive.”


Did you catch all that? Did you catch the one word that jumped off the screen at me when I read it?




You can’t go 30 seconds today without reading something about marketing automation and the benefits it provides. And notice too that Satell wrote “automating part of the creative process.”


In other words we’re not talking about robots and technologies taking over the entire creative process. There will always be a need for the human element – at least this creative writer hopes so.


The point is technology can help support the creative process. Satell believes that as we become a more technological society, we also become a more creative society, because many of the [routine] tasks that used to take up a lot of our time and effort have become automated.What’s more, he adds “technology increases our potential to engage in the types of experiences that lead to greater creativity.”


Cannes We Talk?


Not sure what your plans are for later this month – but if they involve going to France, specifically Cannes for the Cannes Lions Festival where you can learn about technology, talk to peers and industry leaders – we’ve got news for you.

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And one last thing if I may… By now you as a CMO are fully aware of the need – the vital need to have right technology and marketing platform working for you. You also know how important is hear what your fellow CMOs think about a given topic. 


Download The CMO Solution Guide to Leveraging New Technology and Marketing Platforms and hear exactly that – what your fellow CMOs think when it comes to having the right technology and platform. 





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